Bottle Service

1. A contract is required to book bottle service. The reservation will not be made until the contract is returned to Royal Electric

2. Bottle Service must be reserved before 5pm the day of service

3. A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required upon booking

4. Bottle service is a minimum spend of $150.00

5. Prices include:
    a. 8 guests per bottle
    b. Line by-pass
    c. No cover charge for your 7 guests (8 people total)
    d. Mix and garnish

6. You are required to be at Royal Electric by 11:00pm or your reservation may be cancelled

*Booking online does not guarantee bottle service.

Guest List


1. Guest must provide full name and number of expected guests arriving together. All Guests must be 19+ and present valid photo i.d.

2. Guest List closes at 5:00 pm and is valid until 11:00 pm, or once capacity is reached. Cover charge is still applicable and starts at 10pm.

3. Guest List provides priority entry but does not guarantee entry. Bottle service reservations and Owners Guest List are placed in priority sequence of website requests.